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447 _N8E9200.JPG Here at Muskegon Country Club, we know you need a place for the whole family to enjoy...

A place where you can do things as a family and a place where mom and dad can come for a fun night away from the kids. Muskegon Country Club is your "place", a home away from home, where the kids can participate in activities at the pool, parents play in golf events with their children, and families can enjoy the holidays without the stress of hosting any kind of event! We'll do it for you!


During the summer you can even ship your kids off to camp here at MCC Monday through Friday for less money than LG and Friends.jpg a babysitter! Junior Golf provides kids with a fun environment to learn the game, understand the rules, and have a blast with the other 100 kids.

Trust us, there is no better time to get your family involved at Muskegon Country Club! Fun is just around the corner, take advantage of it!