"The fact is, you have the most wonderful piece of property for a golf course I have ever seen.... the topography of your property is unexcelled anywhere. It is unfortunate more clusters of trees were not left. That however, is simply a matter of landscape and not a detriment to the playing features. In its present condition, I would say you shouldn't try to even hold a state championship or district tournament at your course. It would spoil its reputation. With changes made and your turf built up, it would be one of the very best courses in the country for a national championship meet: in fact, there would be no better course anywhere." -Donald Ross, 1920

Golf at Muskegon Country Club is a treat no matter when you get the chance to play. The atmosphere, camaraderie and course conditions make it enjoyable each and every day you set foot on the property. Every time you tee it up you get the privilege of a challenging course that some of the best in the country have faced. Whether its Junior Golf on Thursday mornings, the Walker Invitational, the Crystal Classic, Mumbles, Couples 9 and Wine, or just you and the Course, there is something here for everyone to enjoy!